2018 Seniors Card Discount Directory

106 1458.Sep17 Consumer and Business Services Planning ahead for funeral costs Before you put money aside to cover funeral costs for later, consider: Existing cover Your super or health insurance may already include life insurance which will pay a funeral/death benefit. Savings account You can save how much you want, when you want. Funeral insurance Insurance is not savings. If you miss a regular payment your policy will usually end (you get no cover and no refund). Funeral bond The money you pay, plus interest, is set aside for the funeral. Check the features, costs and payment requirements. Different companies have different rules. Pre-paid funeral plans You can set aside money through your funeral director, and choose the type of funeral you want. Your money is protected, in an approved investment. For more information Contact Consumer and Business Services on 131 882 or visit cbs.sa.gov.au CONSUMER INFORMATION

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