2018 Seniors Card Discount Directory

134 CONSUMER INFORMATION 1458.Sep17 Consumer and Business Services Product safety You have a right to expect that the products you buy and use will be safe. Be especially careful if you use hot water bottles, wheat bags or treadmills which could cause burns or friction burns. Tips for consumers: • follow instructions for safe use of products • only use a product for its intended purpose • secure loose blind and curtain cords to prevent injury to young children • buy toys for grandchildren that are age appropriate • be aware of typical household hazards for children - eg bean bags, magnets, button batteries, portable swimming pools, products with small or sharp parts, and decorative alcohol fuelled burners • look out for safety warning notices, recalls, bans and new safety standards that may apply to products you have already bought. For more tips or to subscribe for updates on recalls and product safety matters visit productsafety.gov.au Report unsafe consumer products to Consumer and Business Services on 131 882 or cbs.sa.gov.au

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