2019 Seniors Card Discount Directory

148 GOVERNMENT, CHARITY & NOT FOR PROFIT Catalyst Foundation is the leading provider of community information in SA, including home support, aged care services, disability, housing, independent living, digital literacy, retirement living and we connect people to services. We provide free and independent information ON s(OUSING LOW COST RENTAL ACCOMMODATION s 2ESIDENTIAL AND COMMUNITY BASED AGED CARE s #ONCESSIONS AND BENElTS s )NDEPENDENT LIVING s 2ETIREMENT HOUSING s 2ESPITE VACANCIES s $ISABILITY OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: s 3ENIORS )NFORMATION 3ERVICE WITH EASILY DOWNLOADABLE FACT SHEETS AND PUBLICATIONS s !GEING 3! INCLUDING !CCOMMODATION 2ESPITE AND (OME #ARE PLACEMENT SERVICE s ,EGAL 3ERVICES #LINIC s 3UPPORT TO NAVIGATE -Y !GED #ARE .$)3 AND MY'OV s )4 4RAINING and Support s 4AX (ELP email: information@catalystfoundation.com.au visit us at: 149 Currie St, Adelaide, 5000 HELP LINE: (08) 8168 8776 Country SA: 1800 636 368 OR If you hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or other eligible Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs card, you may be eligible for a range of concessions: s #OST OF ,IVING #ONCESSION s %MERGENCY 3ERVICES ,EVY lXED PROPERTY 2EMISSION s %NERGY BILL CONCESSION s 7ATER AND SEWERAGE CONCESSION Visit www.sa.gov.au/concessions or call the ConcessionsSA Hotline on 1800 307 758 CONCESSIONS

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