2019 Seniors Card Discount Directory

26 Always validate your Seniors Card when boarding a bus, train or tram by holding the card to the validation machine. The machine will indicate if the balance is low or will show red if the validation is unsuccessful. During peak periods, the deducted fare and the balance of your Seniors Card will appear on the validation machine’s display. Always ensure you have sufficient credit on your card for the next fare (minimum recharge is $5; the maximum that can be stored on your Seniors Card is $200). You may not need to remove your Seniors Card from your wallet/purse to validate it on buses, trains and trams – try holding your wallet/purse up to the validation machine when boarding. If you load money onto your Seniors Card remotely (e.g. over the phone or web), you need to validate the card at least once within three months. Plan your travel within the free periods to avoid costs. Use the Adelaide Metro Trip Planning tools available online, at InfoCentres or via phone. Do not bend or puncture your Seniors Card as this may damage the internal mechanisms. Do not expose your Seniors Card to static electricity, water or extremes of temperature.

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