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67 CONSUMER INFORMATION 1458.Sep17 Consumer and Business Services Ladder safety Home maintenance tasks can give you a great sense of pride in your DIY work. But around 1,600 men aged over 65 were hospitalised in a year with ladder-related injuries. Instead of charging ahead with a job it is best to: • Choose the right ladder for the job • Don’t work in wet or windy conditions • Wear slip-resistant shoes • Take time to set up your ladder on a firm, flat surface and lock the spreaders • Have another person hold the ladder • Keep your body centred between the side rails • Don’t stand above the second step from the top • Work safely up the ladder and don’t over-reach • Know your limits and work to your ability. When using a ladder, make safety matter. For more tips or to subscribe for updates on recalls and product safety matters visit productsafety.gov.au

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