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• Keep this directory handy and be aware of any special


• Subscribe to WeekendPlus or visit

regularly for new business

partners, news, special offers and competitions.

• Use your Seniors Card at every opportunity, regardless

of how small your purchase may be.

• Always present your card prior to payment or at the

time of obtaining a written quote; businesses are not

obliged to honour discounts after the transaction has


• When making a booking over the phone, have your

Seniors Card handy to quote the number.

• Look for the ‘Seniors Card welcome

here’ logo displayed in shop

windows, or near a cash register.

• Please let us know if a Seniors Card

business partner isn’t displaying their sign.

• Even if a business is not advertised in the directory, we

suggest you ask if a discount is available for Seniors

Card members – you might be pleasantly surprised. If

you discover a business offering discounts to seniors

and they are not listed in the directory, please advise

the Seniors Card Unit. Businesses can then be

contacted and encouraged to promote their offer in

future directories.

• Shop around and compare prices before making a

purchase. Your Seniors Card does not guarantee you

the best price.

• The Seniors Card is for personal use and is not

transferrable to other people including family, friends

and colleagues.


The Seniors Card Unit welcomes your feedback. If you

have any comments about the discounts or information

provided in this directory, please let us know. If you have

a complaint about a product or service, please discuss

the issue with the business as soon as possible so that

any problem can be promptly resolved. If you do not

wish to communicate with the business yourself, please

contact the Seniors Card Unit by phone or email.