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There are a number of organisations that

can assist older people to navigate the world

of ever-changing technology via training,

support and resources. See the following

pages for a range of options to help you get

started, or to assist you to learn more.


An online learning tool designed to teach people and

provide them with the skills to use the internet safely

and securely, at their own pace. The information and

resources enable users to increase their digital literacy

skills, confidence and knowledge. It is aimed at people

new to all things digital, providing easy to understand

tutorials on a variety of topics to help them to become

more confident online. Visit

to get started.

Digital Hub

Provide free training in computers, internet, iPads,

smartphones and more. You can find Digital Hubs in a

number of locations around South Australia including

Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Modbury, Prospect, Woodville

and Salisbury. Contact your local council for more